Wayne Rooney’s family “appalled” over cheat claims

Football star’s family members call him “a disgrace” right after allegations about his private life hit the papers. Submit your videos at itn.co.uk . Stick to us on twitter at twitter.com .
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  1. jackHNv

    Rooney’s family couldn’t even spell ‘appalled’
    She’ll stick with him until she’s been with him long enough to divorce him and get half his money, then she’ll be off.

  2. EATGLUE90

    who the fuck cares…….its his personal life…worry bout what he does on the pitch you fucking douche bags!!

  3. transitny

    Rooney, too many drawers this season…I mean draws! DRAWS!

  4. Girlmalaysian

    Coleen willing to be with him again… Of Course because of she looove his money so much!! lol

  5. soccrify

    It’s absolutely a big deal. How dare he, especially being such an iconic footballer, believe he’s got the “status” for this sort of bullshit. It’s wrong and it’s a really poor example. Shame on him!

  6. xddxluvsu

    aha, there BACK TOGETHER NOW. soooo BOYED ALL THE HATER!!!!

  7. MsMassivenose

    i gave her an std that i got off some ould slapper that i paid for sex.

  8. AllowTheHype

    mans cant blame rooney (even though mans despise rooney, man utd and non-gully man utd fans, no man city arab) becuz the prossie is fittt, mans would doggy that until she ends up bow-legged (no horse jockey) but rooney was caught slipping when he made to pay, even tho mans make P’s like me. at least the other players didnt have 2 pay. mans shouldnt be sad tho, coleen was being doggied by me and half of manchester for timeee

  9. wearethefamousthfc

    @Kelbert88 haha how you feel now idiot. hope he dont leave man utd though as you deserve eachother rooney got no class and no interest in england same as man utd scum fans who chant for teams we been at war with..rooney your a complete wanker with no morals and i could play better football than the shit you produced in world cup.. stick to shagging old hags its the only way a ugly wanker who looks like shrek could get his leg over anyway.. man utd the next liverpool,its the time of spurs now

  10. opendtuning

    Rooney is in a lose lose situation because he has cheated on his wife a few times he is now considered as a bad boy so now all those gorgeous girls who like bad boys are going to be tempting him even more and not to mention the gold digger’s I feel bad for him I hope life get’s a little better for him…oh dear…

  11. idontgivafuk1000

    sure i rode coleen while she was pregnant, dirty!!

  12. troddsy

    scotland 5 millions Better Team

    Montenegro 350,000 Better Team

  13. TheTatinha1983

    you are an ugly silly man rooney, lucky you to have a nice wife, u don’t deserve it

  14. mrjeroffski

    its rooneys fault man utd are dropping pionts and it his fault they lost the league last season!!

  15. mrjeroffski

    rooneys overrated hes as good as bobby zamora, hes no ruud van nistelrooy!!

  16. troddsy

    atlanta executives have dropped the poor lad from their coca-cola campaign calling wayne disgusting and horrified by pics of him urinating against a wall.

    have they heard of beckham yet?

    it really pays to Not get caught so sayeth premier-god and do as he says

  17. mrjeroffski

    i rode colleen up the arse in dublin 2 years ago

  18. troddsy

    if hes tried in a court outside of liverpool it wont be as Easy as last time. the camera caught a man swinging Viciously at mcgee even though he may have prompted things a bit still Inexcusable and Frightening given the squeeky clean image and liverpool fans chanting “granny shagger”…thats all they can chant since the other chants are reserved for steve.

    english football is not worth watching when played by absolute luddites

  19. BlowDeBloodyDoorsOff

    Take heart Liverpool fans, rumour is, Stevie G has gotten a young, young as in mid teens, lady pregnant. The grape vine has been saying this young lady is the daughter of a former pro. The story has been kept under wraps thus far. My point? Wayne just happened to get caught. Sure, it was his fault, he was with a woman who takes money for sex, with the greatest respect, how could you trust a woman that does that?!?! Stevie can play the upstanding pro bit, for now, but we’ll see…..

  20. smithdave2237

    rooney is an ugly cunt and he was a goaless shitty striker in the wiorld cup. useless overpaid sack of shit

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