1. Eoaiyer21987rhei

    @clandistine1 I would just like to see us have a go at a major competition with a more unknown, less cocky team.

    Rooney is too hit and miss as a player (at least at the moment) to be used, especially as the focus of the team.

    Just think of all the solid England internationals who never really gave a bad game, all where intelligent, scandal free, and polite. Obviously there have been amazing players without these qualities (Paul Gascoigne springs to mind) but again, he was hit and miss.

  2. clandistine1

    @Eoaiyer21987rhei i agree with you on terry, cole, lampard, and the rest, but some exceptions, like carragher (it surprised me why he wasnt called up more) and gerrard, and “cough cough” wayne rooney, should be the focus of the england team, with wilshere, A. Johnson and walcott, along with bent, carroll, crouch and young should be the focus of the team, though i have a defensive dilema. they should do a liverpool and play 3-5-2

  3. 2BarKawi

    @itaintblackorwhite Are you dumb? It’s jealousy, mate, simple as that! If he was Spanish, everyone would be on his dick, but the fact he’s English, puts people off for some reason, are we too cocky/arrogant/ignorant?

    So we should be!


  4. Eoaiyer21987rhei

    Rooney’s a cocky, arrogant thug. So’s Gerrard, Terry, Ashley Cole, and most of the England team. They always perform awfully despite the hype we give them.

    On the other hand, our other national teams, rugby and cricket and such, are consistently reaching world cup finals and winning.

    England couldn’t even beat the US at the world cup last year. They’re the only national team that doesn’t perform to their capacity, and it’s due to their egos.

  5. resilienceman

    @nickasbne Just goes to show how much he’s overhyped obviously someones gonna respond with the overhead kick he scored vs City but i’ve seen loads better than the one he scored Mauro Bressan a guy who played for Fiorentina scored a much better one i’m not saying Rooneys wasn’t good but you don’t see many players trying to do them now even though they can incase the ref blows his puffy whistle for someones foot being too high it’s a good goal i’d just say it was lower world class to others.

  6. nickasbne

    look at how much better he was when he was younger compared to now he used to beat players a lot more often and he used to strike the ball a lot harder look at the goals against newcastle and middlesborough! he used to be influential in almost every game but he just has games nowdays when he cant even keep the ball and his pass selection is so poor. hopefully after scoring this goal he’ll start playing better again

  7. asianboy344

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  8. TheDarkNeighbour

    Check my channel to see the Wayne Rooney Goal against Man CIty!!

  9. astechhh

    Wayne Rooney being an ex-Everton player and current ManU player means that i should be hating his guts alot [me being a Liverpool fan], but the amount of respect I have for this guy ON THE PITCH is immense. Certainly a World Class player

  10. FlyingLawnMower123

    @akbarmohammed4eva shut up he made a mistake, everyone does. He’ll go back to being one of the best in the world soon. Screw ronaldo. rooney was and is their best player

  11. FlyingLawnMower123

    @akbarmohammed4eva shut up he made a mistake, everyone does. He’ll go back to being one of the best in the world soon. Screw ronaldo. rooney was and is their best player

  12. FlyingLawnMower123

    @akbarmohammed4eva shut up u piece of shit he made a mistake but he is too good a player to not come back. People saying he’ll never be good again. Shut up u idiots who don’t know shit!

  13. avironaldoproduction

    @itaintblackorwhite exactly,some ppl dnt understand how much did players like Rooney & ronaldo do for Man UTD!!

  14. r44cker

    Fuck off, everbody makes mistakes and if the shit he did was so crucial to is football cariere he wouldnt have played again in a long time! And he still plays. He SPARKED in the match vs birmingham 2 weeks ago, so get the fuck off his case. Everybody knows a dark time in their lives.

  15. Flawia07

    Gdzie kurwa są Polacy? No tak…faktycznie, po co się denerwować oglądając nogę w takim wykonaniu, przecież po tym człowiek sobie ze złości 9 lutego sobie krzywdę jakąś zrobi (Polska-Norwegia, to szlagier po prostu)

  16. TheThunder2288

    @onlinecrazy99 yeah lets see you get out there and play like him

  17. onlinecrazy99

    Actually Christiano Roanldo made him famous when he earned golden boot ,then Nani ,Carrick ,Barbatov did same job of creating gap and douching players so he can just shoot in dumb tap in goals. Rooney himself is no way close to elite of Christiano ,messi ,Zaltan,Eto as they are real player he is just a hyped up brit like NFL players in usa as they need someone with star power to sell tickets. Enough said

  18. pedemester

    @akbarmohammed4eva He aint suppost to be a role model for kids? for gods sake hes a football player! His job is to play football! Not to be a role model for kids.. He is a man under a huge pressure!

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