1. courto85

    Watch me play FIFA against Rooney in London before the World Cup video’s on my profile!

  2. Matinee909

    ‘Ronnie’ looked about as alert as a sleeping tramp. These pranks are better when the celeb knows what fucking planet they are on at least.

  3. MasterzInGrime

    Well wayne got his own back on coleen……. wink wink

  4. tomnufc1

    2:51 he’l speak to paul scholes about lending the money haha, i know its his agent or something lol

  5. icametodance02

    love coleen! she is too funny, cracking up the whole time in the background! love love love!

  6. HeavyVerbzz

    did you do something to harvey?.. rooney “umm noo”

  7. MsMassivenose

    crazy. 2 cunts who should never been allowed to play for utd

  8. Dazfloor

    Rooneys getting him back by pretending to quit manchester united

  9. 1875HIBSFC

    Coleen looks about 10 – 15 years younger than wayne

  10. amajeet

    lol at ferdidnand scum, winding up rooney the granny shagger!

  11. liquidvmusic

    “Unlucky son you get merked” what on earth is merked?

  12. knoble430

    @Foblo4 Nah we prefer not to be massively over weight and inbred thanks.

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