1. captainchronic121

    @LatinGamerps3 you’re seriously gonna say rooney’s worth 60k? dude, ok, I admit this season was poor for him, well the first part anyway, he really got back to his old self towards the end of the season…and even so, that was one season, if we went by that criteria what would torres be worth this season?…not to mention rooney is a very versatile player, I don’t see any other striker/forward do so much work on defense, and his assists are high as well, FACT…

  2. xxxSLITxxx

    lol, Eric djemba djemba, biggest dud in United history (apart from bebe of course) pretty sweet debut. world class player. talisman. just like cantona and keano. cham19ns and champions league in the bag. arsenil, chelsea and manchester city plastics go to hell. you suck.

  3. LatinGamerps3

    At the end of the day he’s not worth £250,000
    Could’ve scored 30 goals ‘if he wanted to?’ do you actually believe that you Naive fuck. And Roony is a STRIKER, they get rated on their goals. Not their assits, despite this Malouda has scored more and made more from the left wing position yet he’s not earning £250,000. Which is more then 4 times more than you captain Vidic. Rooney is a fucking loser who fucks old women. He’s worth about £60,000 at most,

  4. Jay12345able

    11 PL goals, 20 assists.
    97% passes completed for himself.
    hes the reason why we’ve won the league. He makes us tick, Its not about the goals. Its about how you play & you you play for the team

    So does hat mean buffon is shit? he scores 0 goals, does that mean john terry is a shit player? he scores only 2 goals.
    Rooney could score 30 goals if he would wanted to, but chicha is playing infront of him. last season, he scored 34 goals didnt he? cunt..

  5. Adilshit

    @lordloss156 What ever your talking is offtopic -.- I said he said Fucking what, Fucking hell against westham infront of the camera. I was just Quoting and i wasnt insulting him in any way and thats what he really says, So u must be a 10 year old kid right who are simple minded and dont even know what other people talkin about.

  6. Adilshit

    Obviously! Fenebarche is the worst team! What do you expect! If he go against any good premier league, Serie A, La Liga he couldn’t score a hat trick!

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