Wayne Rooney v Sir Alex Ferguson

very small.cc Go to winkball.com for more interviews with Guy Utd enthusiasts! Soon after Alex Ferguson’s announcement that Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United – and the striker’s statement confirming the reality, WinkBall citizen reporters went to Outdated Trafford to request the enthusiasts what their see was on the predicament.

  1. iL0veManUTD

    Its not bad as some people make it out to be hes been anything but our best player for the past couple of most. people like Nani, Berba have stepped up, so Rooney can now fuck off, just give us some money to spend on new players.

  2. Warlord2994

    dats the spirit people…. there is no point to force him if he doesn’t want to stay…. let him go fuck himself…. he doesnt deserve to be in ManUtd… and we can and we will win without him…

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