1. MrPerfectVision

    @HWalker95 yeah when Kanu scored a hat-trick for arsenal against Chelsea in the last 15 mins! KANU BELIEVE IT!!

  2. 25SteH

    I just jizzed. Luckily I had tissues at the ready because it had the word rooney in the title 😀

  3. 19jord93

    Just imagine if the ref hadn’t of spoke to him. We wouldn’t be watching this goal right now.

  4. sabiowns

    He can’t do much better when he is not injured.

  5. Sonofdracula1

    حتى توهق يوم خشت الكورة

  6. Sonofdracula1

    هذاني أعيد و أكرر والله انه ياكل بطاطس

  7. dnbhead1

    martin tyler just jazzed in his pants

  8. 8smoggy

    the 5 dislikes on this video have to be geordie fans who can’t appreciate a quality goal

  9. CashSmeller

    I love the enthusiasm of the announcers…

  10. div4590

    keep clicking 0:03 and just listen to the sound of rooney kicking the ball!….ROONEY!

  11. mams121

    Indian Man Travels On Plane For first time

  12. randomrabbit42

    you wierd
    person he hardly screams

  13. theconcreteblocks

    @HWalker95 machedaaaaaaaaaaa, lol

  14. mikeyl2k9

    hes over head was crap compared to this look at the bend on it

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