1. ohhai4

    I work at United and it’s because you are not allowed to drink alcohol in view of the pitch, Police rules.

  2. 1davidlfc

    Rooney: What the fuck am I doing here, with these fat nosed manc twats, wish i was back in Liverpool with coleen, rather be down the western approaches pub in Croxteth instead of being stuck with these soft manc twats, just give me my 200k a week and kiss my scouse arse, as im bigger then the club! Soft Manc twats!

  3. LudgeroFilipe

    Haha, scared to drink a pint. awesome life.

  4. Seanmcdhuibhne

    Oe Oe Oe I’m straight tellin on ue ue

  5. quiksilver243

    he should drink the pint he works hard every game he deserve it wayne drink it all mate

  6. bsmit89

    @FatPizza56 wayyyy unlucky he aint goin anywhere near wastelands

  7. Jp4955

    @Jeet27 Yeah a blue scouser we can deal with that but if your a red scouser your just scum haha

  8. FatPizza56

    he’ll be enjoying Eastlands pint 😉

  9. besly98

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  10. OvoJeBosnaProduction


    You United won the CL only 2 times.

  11. pekkauolevi

    Hes playing a drinking game there. 1 pint per 1 goal scored in the WC

  12. Zycox1992

    He dosen’t actully drink it – it made me laugh tho for some reason – anyway why does all you fags keep arguing over who is better?

  13. bearsudud

    @Whitepelerooney10 ur the a great fan r ya 3 tyms united u dope

  14. Jeet27

    @mancmuse man u has needed liverpool you mean. needed them to get draws in 08-09 to hand them the title, needed them to be poor for 20 years otherwise you’d have won NOTHING. Just face it, your best player is a SCOUSER.

  15. TheWorldCup12


  16. Jeet27

    man u need scousers to see them through the shit

  17. Whitepelerooney10

    I’m a united fan, but I could care less about Europe. Premier league is my main concern, best league in the world and it never dissapoints, sorry but I forgot united have only won it 4 times (champions league) compared to real madrids…..what is it? 11? 13? One of those. Could be 9. I love my club, I could care less about champions league.

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