1. BatusaiJack

    soccer runs in his veins, its embedded in his genes, a natural.

  2. 1DannyOAFC1

    thumbs up if you were watching his overhead kick
    MrAxeluberlux 2 days ago 69

    No thanks, I was at a real football match supporting my local team on enemy turf.

  3. Revelian1982

    @fabiorocha72 You try playing at the pace he does all season, then go into a World Cup. I admit that he was one of the worst players England had at that tournament, but when you’re a player like Rooney, you get three opposing players on you the second you receive the ball.

  4. Ethanjamesventer


  5. fabiorocha72

    Ok, he’s good, but let’s not get crazy here..! He’s NOT “one of the greatest strikers of all time..” what has he done with the English jersey on? I like the guy and all but let’s all relax…!!!

  6. andyr1992

    My top 6: The rest are to hard to call

    1. Bicycle Kick vs Man City
    2. Volley vs Newcastle
    3.Debut goal vs arsenal
    4.Chip vs Portsmouth
    5.Counter Attack vs Arsenal
    6.Counter Attack vs Bolton

  7. heeroshinn

    He just scored a bicycle kick goal few days ago. I think that is his new best goal. Maybe you can make a new video about that.

  8. MarkusAmor

    hey everyone, look on my profil dog with two hearts! really amazing! 😀

  9. sexdrugsRnR

    well this is now outdated cuz we all know what #1 is now


    Who cares who is the best player it is about the best team and that is united

    U-N-I-T-E-D united are the team for me

  11. markeyboynum1

    not just talkin about this season but i think rooney used to be a better more fearce player. the way he moves around and makes challenges is comical now. 🙁 i hope he gets the fire back and techniue he had at everton and up untill 2 years ago. he isnt a as good as messi and never will be because messi is the best ever.

  12. 81paggio

    @leonadis85 ronaldo is a good player but he is nt to much in to been a team player he wants it all for himself messi dos more for his team mates mightend score as many goals as he sud but he makes better use of the ball

  13. resilienceman

    @epicatum That was me and yeah devoid of whether it’s lower leagues or not goals like that are ridiculously hard to pull off and i’ve seen better than Rooneys that’s all i said.

  14. TheMrhernandez14

    y u all bitching like little kids messi is brill ronaldo is brill rooney is brill end of

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