1. HarveyLFCtalk

    as much as i hate united and rooney but i do think rooney is world class, and i do believe he’s wnaa of the best players in the world 3rd best to be exact 😉 liverpool fan 🙁

  2. yonedful

    ROONEY soy unos de tus fans quien mas te admira en el mundo y que solo quiero mirarte por unica vez en el mundo y besar esas piernas de oro. Que tu eres uno solo y eres el mejor del mundo y adoro ver cada unos de tus goles y que tu eres el ALMA VIVIENTE de del MANCHESTER UNAID y eres el unico que me da la vida para jugar al futbol y la inspiracion del mundo quien como tu ROONEY no hay otro igual en el mundo y el universo

  3. TheMenda1234

    @vortectube ey stfu pussy, dont compare modern football to an old football, maybe Pele is better but its not a disgrace to compare him with a football genius which is Wayne Rooney

  4. gequs123

    @vortectube – FUCK YOU !!
    You fucking Scousers ?? What, What ?? Yer mother a whore,
    Are you Watching Mersysaid
    You Scouse Bastards

  5. vortectube

    How dare you to compare this guy with PELE?! He’s nothing! Just very lucky to catch the ball at the right positions, taking consideration that everyone is watching where he is and give him the ball to kick against the goal…
    HE WILL NEVER HAVE THE SAME BALANCE AND TECHNIQUE LIKE PELE DID. Pele is one in one million. The same as Ayrton Senna in comparison to any F1 Driver…

  6. gequs123

    All I can say is the worst is over now,
    We can serve the hard times, divorce is over now,
    They try to keep us out, but they doors is open now,
    My nigga Akon is gettin awards for covers now,
    This is K’NAAN, and still reppin’ the S
    Comin’ out of Mogadishu and still draped in the mess,
    And no matter how we strong, homie,
    It ain’t easy comin out of where we from, homie.
    And that’s the reason why, I could never play for me,
    Tell ‘o give is priceless.

  7. morex1227

    @icinos123 Ja jestem za MU od 8 roku życia . Nigdy nie zerwałem z tym klubem i nie zamierzam. Jednej rzeczy nie rozumiem – jak można nie KOCHAĆ tego klubu … Kilku moich kumpli tez ubóstwiało Manchester UTD lecz niestety są 2 licowi – teraz nie na widzą tego klubu i Rooneya teraz dla nich liczy się ta okropna Chelsea z Drogbą na czele….

  8. cocacola191


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