1. Ikkauku206

    I wish we had shows like this in America

  2. JoseGough

    that kid in white at 6:05 looks bare happy to see WAYNE ROONEY

  3. Samsunglee93

    was so happy when the hot chick @1.04 went thru

  4. supermorshu

    i like the black girls they look like a laugh :L

  5. rkid59

    Holly only got thru because she loves the show so much

  6. Henke147

    Anyone know what make/model of trainers Roony’s wearing in this clip?

  7. FootballStef123

    charlottes voice sounds like a 50 year old saggy smoking addict

  8. Naaaaasri

    0:21 the rest of yous just go home lol parrrrr

  9. 17Cronaldo9LMessi10

    wayne prb got a chop at charlotte

  10. tribune007

    “hiya kelly its wayne. kelly its wayne” LOOOL

  11. kumar01234

    rooney is a bit more red headed then previous years

  12. ismellthegun

    @BeharC1 shpresims at 06:46 wearin black next to rooney

  13. RonaldoLT

    lol the arrogant guy from season 2 at 01:23 another fail 😛

  14. kartingbeast93

    @liverpoolinsanefan yo charlotte is mad hot

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