1. JosephF158

    must be a realy pain in the arse for the people who have to rearrange all those tires and barrels, especially when wayne just hits them down for fun aha!

  2. tundebabiii

    drogaa by farr thee best strikerr in the world

  3. zclan51

    @championsmufc09 I disagree Drogba is by far the best striker in Europe.

  4. paulgoodwin81

    Wayne has always been renowned for his peripharel vision hence when he did the tyres he was flawless.

  5. dennehy90

    @jhwarnock123 its called ‘mas que nada’, there is a good remix by Black Eyed Peas and Sergio Mendes. Your welcome blad

  6. jhwarnock123

    wats the samba music when Wazza is doing the tyre challenge n e one?

  7. exodia94

    lewis tricks wont do him gd if he was playing a real game on the field

  8. tpcgoon

    i would megg a tire in the rolling tire challenge 🙂

  9. qweeuiop

    well it looks like england has another four years

  10. Se7enFan07

    yo that black guy says oh my god like

  11. SoiLX

    Shannon’s cute, leave the poor girl alone and appreciate her skills.

  12. Cizzzaaa

    @profspankey nah, he ses “its tough yer, its gonna be tough.”

  13. dan94adibi2

    u guys are perv go get a girl u age if u can

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