1. john1136

    On 1:34 look at the left hand side of Rooney’s tip of head, you’ll the illuminati eye. And also at 3:17 pause and look behind Rooney u should see a triangle with a eye in the middle. Illuminati think they are all seeing, but their not. Only God is all seeing.

  2. dfstarborn

    did anyone see the all seeing eye over waynes head this means he’s received illumination from the demonic spirits. Man he chose the wrong path.
    The camera deliberately had him standing under it.

  3. lordloss156

    i dont think its making it harder for urself by placing it further away, i reckon it helps to calculate

  4. hohomahoro

    when your that fat like scott, i don’t know.

  5. Azazaz130

    3:15 upper right. Another illuminati sign 😮

  6. tpcgoon

    the kid at 10:27 looks like a zombie with his hands like that freestyling lol

  7. bandory2

    check minute 4:30. its proper funny. i keep rewinding it.

  8. killillumanti786

    notice the illumanti sign in 05:52

  9. jmaggio13

    @GoalGetter2893 I have a strange feeling your actually 11, from the usa, and are playing pokemon currently. Am i correct?

  10. tomsom93

    im rubbish at skill, but my touch and accuracy is not bad. i reckon i wouldnt be that bad at this

  11. MegaMaplesea

    the negro accidentally kicks the ball and reflected onto rooney’s head.

  12. nick1177

    the first guy is a moron why make it hard for yourself.

  13. DatBoiJeh

    stuart is just like ribery…short but talented…even looks like him too

  14. javen33333333

    if so wats ur real name lemme do sum research

  15. GoalGetter2893

    wow idiot you play for a football academy? im 16 and i have a professional contract in croatia’s best club Dinamo zagreb, i also play for Croatia U18 and i understand football much better then you…these guys are awesome but they are nervous and id like to see you try it smartass

  16. javen33333333

    Ha im shit loool
    i play for a football academy –
    not no fake street football
    lol idiot

  17. GoalGetter2893

    your shit idiot, these guys are far better then you. they are just nervous

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