1. SouthLbkMade

    I’m from Texas and don’t know nearly as much about soccer, or England, for that matter, but I can’t stand those who talk shit on England in these comments. The whole concept is “street” striking. So yea it’s a bit of a rough neighborhood, but we’ve got those all over the US too. Personally I think it makes for a pretty cool aesthetic. And Rooney seems like a cool guy. So yea maybe hens

  2. PoofyChocoCheno

    Anyone know the song beginning from 1:14? Definitely heard it before.

  3. MrStephenm505

    @TanzMTL true that englands a shit hole…

  4. timmyfung01

    wow, if only I have so many soccer balls to play with, I am Canadian but I enjoy this show. thanks for posting.

  5. alanthomas123

    I see why Rooney plays soo crap when he plays for England…apart from worrying about all the Hookers hes shagging, he really needs a few more old tyres or paint cans on the pitch, for him to do anything good…Or he could just be a lazy, fat and spoilt git, who does not deserve to wear an England Shirt again!!!

  6. clarky0103

    rooney gets bumlicked by that other guy so much.

  7. EssexBoy940

    @TanzMTL Canadian prick this is filmed in the rough estates in Manchester show were these kids a brought up fag.

  8. xKEG

    @hustler2406 ronaldo is gay faggot, they didnt book ronaldo for the show because he was getting he fake tan done.

  9. hustler2406

    wayne rooney sucks!!! if c.ronaldo was here he would show them how to do it evrytime

  10. hustler2406

    Britain has no talent what so ever in street football

  11. metroidprimeown

    thanks this upload meant alot for me, thanks

  12. xXunkillableYoshiXx

    Dude you are lyk totally my hero for uploading this, is there gonna be a season 3???

  13. jmaggio13

    @JogaBonitofootball his accuracy and power are his best traits

  14. liverpoolinsanefan

    dude wayne rooney talks so softly

  15. Seedorfra

    Anyone know the name of the song at 1:15?

  16. liljoker123456

    its a helicopter you can see the outline

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