1. ChrisWales22

    “I used to go with him all the time”

  2. hpablo57

    hey Rooney could you please make a contest like that in the U.S close to a state called Oregon. PLEASE!!! i hate it that here in the U.S there aren’t that many opportunities like in england, i have seen more than 1 show like yours but not where near where i live. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  3. supermorshu

    @xKEG you have to hit the paint cans hard and accurate its not a good mix to master :/

  4. supermorshu

    9:42 get your fingers out ur nose!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. supermorshu

    @JDizzle1731 i wanna take you to the candy shop :p

  6. xKEG

    wtf is up with scotts hair. he looks like a bellend.

    and how hard is it to hit a load of paint pots?

  7. kimolainen

    @thedevilwearconverse they shud like have this kind of competition in like Norway , Spain italy etc, would be fun to see one of the greatest striker, midfielder etc help a lot of kids

  8. IDante1Savage

    I cannot believe the misses with the shots at the cans

  9. IDante1Savage

    @hustler2406 lol this is filmed on estates in order to present these kids as having “hard lives”

  10. hustler2406

    THEY ALL SUCKK!!!!! i can do wayyy wayy better

  11. hustler2406

    england is a shitty place to live lol

  12. inkermanBs2

    I feel fucking ashamed to be english watching this shit. come on if you cant hit some paint cans from 20 yards away. just because you can do tricks dont mean you can play football. In a game you aint gonna get the chance to do half of that shit its useless. The only player to really pull off any of that shit was ronaldhinio & that was only for a hot minute, look at him now . Van basten, zola,Shearer,raul lineker crespo these kind of players wil alwaysbe remembered 4 scoring minus da tricks

  13. unspokenscene97

    lol..you cant hit the flippin cans…c’mon man

  14. JDizzle1731

    haha they put candy shop by 50 cent xD

  15. emokila

    @Freedomboy006 No shyt sherlok its cald street soccr.

  16. ronaldo5894

    rooney is still depressed that ronaldo left!

  17. cRispYnUtZ13

    whats wrong with jermaines ostrich knees?

  18. jackqprforlife

    he played for ‘princes park’ :S

    played for QPR girl

  19. 123Nathaniel321

    Damn that girl who had a friend who was stabbed? Horrible story, makes me want her to win, what a great reason to enter…

  20. 2BarKawi

    @Freedomboy006 It ain’t about getting a Pro contract

  21. rmfyaya

    he says obviously alot haha. i love him, but he does

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