1. ChrisWales22

    Wayne Rooney does seem to have a bit of a dim personality

  2. SouthyMandem

    @Frantzu – they do, but raw talent like Rooney is hard to find


    Wish they would show this in the U.S, all we have here is shitty reality shows like the Jersey Shore.

  4. KazakhstanKid1994

    @dadada40 yeah, cos he’s to fucking thick to talk with his mouth

  5. Ac1dlicous

    @lilmyth7 calm down he doesn’t have to answer any questions cause its strictly his business but he does, so why not ask questions plus hes a kid

  6. Overst33r

    @1illini2rockets yeah.. and all girls from america are either clinicly obese, hookers or are on crack.

    if your honest which im going to be we both have our fair share of hottttt women. every country has ugly bitches and totally hot bitches.. i mean look at russia.. they fucked up hairy arms and beards but they have some fittttt girls. maria sharapova / kournikova ect ect lol no one wins buddy every country has there fair share

  7. 1illini2rockets


    dood shes nasty as fuck shes kinda chubby dood girls in england are ugly as fuck

  8. Overst33r

    @1illini2rockets id tap that ass too… girls totally lick a’ lishous

  9. hasan15713

    Rooney doesnt talk much, but when he does talk, he talks in goallss!

  10. 1illini2rockets

    9:30 did the black guy slap that girls butt?! wtf

  11. P4p775

    @Aantonho u r never too old bud neva maybe for this show.lol

  12. Darionthisguy

    @Aantonho calm down ronaldo, when ur on this show or in the premier league than you can talk shit

  13. slickman32

    de guy in the yellow shirt was shit dunno y rooney allowed him

  14. Frantzu

    @Aantonho yup a lot of people are better but they’re lazy as fuck. so there.

  15. Aantonho

    unfortunately i didnt took it seriously
    which it sucks now that your old…=[
    i wish i was a lil bit more ambitious and i could have gotten far

  16. Frantzu

    well that’s good to hear, why aren’t you a part of the group?????? Maybe Rooney is looking for character, dedication, hard work, maybe he’s not looking for the best but looking for kids who wanna be the best. I don’t know.

  17. Aantonho

    im talking about what i see
    where i live me and others do so much better and we are so accurate and we also have good control of the ball

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