1. 123twan123

    Funny how rooney a one time good footballer can present a show for football skill…..Im not that ad with a ball given enough time and just messin about but put me infront of 40,000 people i couldnt do it…thats wayne rooney. Overpaid. over rated.

  2. HartShoes

    I painted a pair of custom Wayne Rooney shoes and they came out really amazing, check them out in my video!

  3. YadaYadaYoda

    @lumpyplop, because, just in case you haven’t noticed, there isn’t any english or british talent outside of 2-3 good players. Keeping it in the family as you put it would mean the champions league group stages is as far as english teams would be able to go, and nobody would watch the EPL except the british.

  4. rowesoc

    @saelaird yeah you’re right actually. we do have shit support, some people could call us a shit club but then again we do wear gold on our sleeves

  5. saelaird

    @rowesoc Absolutely did. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Chelsea are still a shit club, with shit supporters, and I’ve known that all along.

  6. lumpyplop

    why do we spend millions on getting all these foreigners on the teams when we should be giving these kids the chance. train them up more get them playin and keeping the british sport in the family

  7. hustler2406

    Englands street strikers suck!!!! When I went to brazil you wouldn’t believe the stuff the street strikers could do!! I bet any professional player can do the stuff they do

  8. besly98

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  9. GbHero94

    WAYNE ROONEY : You can tell who is from london just by looks at them … you can tell your from liverpool by your scrubby accent.

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