1. Supersmooth007

    I am thinning, due to hereditary & partly due to a thyroid, which isn’t helped by the stress!! I’ve tried Nanongen,-fibres, Propecia, even Minoxidil (Regaine) but it doesn’t work! Rather than spend so much time & money on pills, topical lotions, special creams & hairloss gimmicks etc, I’m saving up for a hair transplant when I’m 30. Because by the time you add up all the money, it will be cheaper to get a hair transplant! Hair transplant is natural & done once & for all saving the hassle!

  2. 33mitja

    rooney looks great with new hair and every weekend more money than you all will earn in whole life..great rooney,you all haters are shreks nooo money no women…

  3. petrucci15

    i must admit, before i used to think this was stupid…..but im 22 and i am suddenly losing hair very fast, and now i can sympathise!

  4. TheScotte78

    should of spent his money on plastic surgery its not because he is going bald he is ugly its his shrek type face might be able to do something not much tho. instead of spending money on all this he should spend time sorting out his anger management issues, he isnt just ugly on the outside, try not diving at every opertunity you get and stop kicking/elbowing/stamping on fellow players and cheating on youre wife then people might like you then. could save him £££s on future cosmetics.

  5. angels77100

    What do you mean for those who can afford it? All you gotta do is, shave your balls & clue it on top of your head. That’s all Rooney the ugly cunt done.

  6. amichair

    pretty true man.i may sound weird, but before he had a hair transplant i did’nt even notice his baldness O_O.
    it’s ok if he did it for himself, but if his wife made him do it then she’s a real bloody slut.
    btw, i don’t think he looks ugly at all, bald or not bald.

  7. luniksify

    Ha eu achjo que ele deviater feito essa cirurgia pq ele precisa e deve dar o seu melhor para a torcida

  8. Queenwraith

    I agree with you, but maybe he wanted to get it for himself, everyone likes to look their best. Problem with Rooney is he’s a celebrity, if he wasn’t I don’t think as many people would have a problem with it, but I agree the slut wife was involved in this case. Potato-headed motherfucker

  9. jest544


    The ASSHOLES at Merck knew that their drug (Propecia) caused Impotence and they still went to market with their poison-pills !!!

    These pricks should face criminal-charges for their actions !!!!!

  10. cheeriosinabowl

    … it’s not all of a sudden. Women have always been gold diggers. It’s just the truth.  Women steer clear of guys with skinny billfolds and short arms. :))

  11. burnteyeball1

    WOW…his zlist wife and the shit plastic surgery generation of shit has talked him into being self concious and wanting to have fake hair put on his fat fake head….hey guys iam weak..iam wayne rooney who thinks that people actually give a fuck about the hair on my head…you fake fake little man…hey wayne didnt you used to have a bald top…oh yeah you did…in ten years time when life doesnt mean the same…i bet you regret it.

  12. TheNocompriendo

    @IsraelEster Couldnt agree with you.. My friend was once a victim of Propecia and it did a lot of side effects.. Good thing my partner suggested him this hair loss program site HairLoss101. net (remove space).. I recommend you to give it a try because it really did wonders to my friend’s hair..:))

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