Wayne Rooney Reaction

www.paddypower.com are refunding losing bets if Wayne Rooney scores the very last objective in opposition to Everton, see site for specifics. In this video Wayne Rooney responds to some questions about him getting not long ago caught off-aspect.
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  1. Gibbodan

    yea because if she wasnt married to a premier league footballer she’d of still done everything she has and made loads out of it?

  2. FearlessSpud

    @glenclosed no she has made her own money she has like her own clothing line n stuff n she has done adverts aswell she has just recently released her new one so shes nt just a gold digga also they went to school together and have been together since shes far from a gold digga

  3. glenclosed

    No Wayne Rooney made the money, she is just the classic gold-digger.
    At least Victoria Adams was worth money before she Married Beckham.
    Cheryl Tweedy too.
    Coleen McLoughlin was just a normal girl and still would be if she had chosen not to sell herself too Rooney

  4. xXxashlingnxXx

    @glenclosed How in fucks name do you actually know that?! Did you call her up personally and ask her?!?!?!

  5. glenclosed


    Rooney was a superstar when he was sixteen, for scoring on his debut against Arsenal.
    He only wasn’t making money because it’s against the rules/law to make the Big Money until your seventeen. Coleen knew fucking well what she was at the over-rated looking ho

  6. glenclosed

    Rooney was a pro footballer when he was 16. He scored that famous goal against Arsenal in the prem. league when he was only 16.
    I’m sure Colleen new exactly what she had on her hands even then.
    Do you really think she would be banging Rooney if he wasn’t a pro player?
    No she’d probably be looking at Jack Rodwell’s bank account instead

  7. xXxashlingnxXx

    @glenclosed they started going out when they were 16?! Maybe not everyone is as shallow or gold digging as you think.

  8. KenfromDublin

    Paddy Power are robbing scum, portraying themselves to the public as some kind of lovable bookies with your interests at heart, they robbed me of 25 euro online with ‘no bet’ bets – I kid you not, they are thieves.

    Don’t ever have any dealings with them folks.

    If you want anymore info on the matter just ask me here, I have the emails to prove it, the greedy scum wouldn’t even offer me my money back.

  9. glenclosed

    Coleen is a whore too, what’s the difference?
    Does Coleen fancy Wayne’s good looks or his charming witty personality?
    No. She fancies his money.
    High class hoooker? Whore? All the same to Rooney I suppose

  10. MsFanmail


  11. chatsworth1buccaneer

    @MRDEEPGREEK I agree with you, I hope Fergie sells him because Utd don’t need this kind of crap. I thought paying for it was illegal, isn’t it? Why aren’t the police all over this?


    Does he have some sort of mental / physiatric problem ? He actually PAID for sexx.
    The wankerr stuck his cockk in a diseased prostitutes hole, and then put it inside Coleen (who by the way is absolulety stunning , her firm succulent breastss and firm sexxy arse are a joy to behold) , The worse thing is after handling the dirty filthy prostitutes, he used the same hands to hold his child –
    Rooney you wankerr

  13. niggawitattittude

    Wayne Rooney shagged a whore, everybody thought he couldnt score, now Collean Rooney is gonna clear out his bank, next time Wayne just have a wank

  14. rakeebur

    @manofthehour1980 ye but what most people dont realise is that rooney was head hunted YEARS before they dated and was already playing for everton. he just couldnt make money cos he was under 17 but everyone knew he was the next big thing afterall he was the youngest goalscorer in Premiership ever. iv met many people who knew her and say she knew him for years before she was interested, then just months after they started dating $CHING$CHING$ he turns 17. she knew what she was doing

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