Wayne Rooney: Nike Football Target Practice

www.footy-boots.com Wayne Rooney characteristics in the most current Nike Football video clip, showing off the Complete 90 laser. He marks out his aim on the camera and then T90 shoots….
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. horse69outside

    rooney used this skill in a premier league game to good effect:

  2. MrJayd1981

    Putting it where he wants it has gotten him into a bit of bother since this was filmed.

  3. JeremyProduction

    Too bad his target practice didn’t work on his penality kick against arsenal =P

  4. wasupbro123

    how fucking cool would this be with 3D, thumbs up if u agree

  5. Adreestyle

    lol rooney kike in th camera juste pour the video puf

  6. cefballer101

    anyone else retarded enough to blink when it hit the camera?

  7. ghibliguy88

    Think this is good? watch this:


    THIS is awesome

  8. olisoli

    Yet hasnt scored in 6 months for his country nuff said.

  9. ovrc1

    second 0:37- 0:38 the video has been cut so he can do it till it comes out perfectlyy

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