1. Jonny620

    Don’t forget about the granny too lol. In the end, all footballers are cunts bar a small minority
    even giggsy cheats man : /

  2. ChelseaHazza133

    @Mart2007 Oh and yeah I just leave my season ticket seat in the Shed Upper empty every game because I never go to Stamford Bridge. You muppet I went to 26 of our home games last season and 7 away games.

  3. ChelseaHazza133

    @Mart2007 Giggs who unlike John Terry cant face up to what he did and has to take out a superinjunction because he is not man enough to take abuse from fans? Model football my arse.
    Rooney is better than Drogba? LOL The media just cream themselves over that fat overrated granny fister because he is english although Drogba did more than him at the World Cup with a broken arm! Drog got more goals this and last season and more assists.

  4. chelseasquad

    @Jonny620 didnt rooney cheat aswell and even worse rooney paid a slapper cause he couldnt get anything else hahaha

  5. chelseasquad

    rooney jealous cause coles better than any utd left back? i think so, shoulda been a red the dirty cunt 🙂

  6. ChelseaHazza133

    except I didnt and went to my first Chelsea game in 2000 so fuck off. How ironic a Man U fan calling someone else a gloryhunter. Do you live in Manchester? Why do you support them? Do you support them because you are such a failure at life that you need your football club to achieve for you? Who was your manager before Fergie or are you going to shit yourself because you dont know and go and look it up on wikipedia?

  7. Mart2007

    @ChelseaHazza133 and also i bet you started supporting chelski in 2005 did you? because more than half of your glory hunting fans started supporting chelsea in 2005 when mourinho was there.5 managers in 4 seasons , your a disgrace to the top 4 in the league and call urselves a decent club good look finding another manager , no doubt he’ll get sacked once again. CHA CHA CHAMP19NS!!!!!!

  8. Mart2007

    @ChelseaHazza shit in our team? we’re shit coz we’re champions? ok then you chelsea rent boy , and scholes has retired now actually , as for giggs? he is better than any of shity overrated overpaid wankers such as lampard and terry and drogba , you only want them to retire coz they’re world class and drogba is better than rooney? PMSL OMFG mate drogba is fucking shite he dives about like a little baby if you flick him , and yes ive been to old trafford , i you havn’t been to SB have you?

  9. Jonny620

    He deserves it, he cheated on Cheryl then shot someone. Why the fuck didn’t he just shoot her instead?

  10. JMEcooper

    A.Cole is a cunt but Rooney just just as bad he cheated on his childhood sweeheart with a 60 year old prossie and a young prossie and swears into the carera and does dirty tackles everytime he looses the ball and has a face for radio but a.Cole does shoot people so both as bad as each other

  11. ksajcatb

    I think Rooney’s wife ( who is Cheryl’s friend) told him to do that to Ashley! Well done Rooney 🙂

  12. giriisindahouse

    @masalamaggi Then Cole responded in the dugout, but you did a threesome with 2 busty blondes!!!

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