1. dsmownz

    Drogba used to dive.
    Torres dived once for chelsea in like 13 games

    Rooney dives consistently

  2. bartex007PL

    No one fucks with Barca because “they are the best”… all of those spanish cunts dives more than Rooney in all his damn career! Hope United will beat their assess and show’em who’s the boss!

  3. FawlyAlmighty

    Lmao, the videos taking the piss out of Rooney diving and yet on the Blackburn vid when Rooney tackles Samba, Samba takes at least another step after Rooneys studds leave him and then collapses to the floor……..Diving happens everywhere, even the so called ‘greatest team ever’ do it. So get on with your life instead of making crap videos like these…..Loser!

  4. thealbatron30

    i saw that last one against arsenal live. they show u another replay with a better view of it. how can u even tell if there was contact frm this angle ? he didnt dive.

  5. retrobloke78

    It’s embarassing that the 2 best divers in the league are English. Gerrard and Rooney.

  6. IdontcheatImjustgood

    @inthestandsvideos lol umad bro?

  7. marv722

    bacelona will lose next Saturday vs Rooney!!

  8. malioooooo

    fuck!!! rooney always diving and cheating..fuck MU…barcelona is the best

  9. safzz96

    half the clips his leg was caught FUKTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. boeershna


    Torres yes, but yet to se him dive at Chelsea. he got straight up against United before you scread “he dived against United” Rio claimed that he did. Wathc the replay please. Drogba feigns injury that is embarresing and laughable, but he doesn`t actually DIVE..ever! Rooney DOES dive. So did Ronaldo. The king of PL diving alongside Robert Pires.

  11. TheDodger86


  12. digo127

    this was the young immature rooney, he has changed and developed so much since then u cant even say this is a bit accurate because every player in the world has dove at least once in their career its just a part of the game (not saying its a good thing) there r players that are known for diving such as c ronaldo and dani alves, rooney certainly is not a player known for diving and never will be this is a bullshit stupid video and whoever made this video is just a pussy ass faggot

  13. scottj19x89

    In case you Europeans are wondering why people in the States don’t like football… there you go

  14. 11somers

    waw a video where rooney dive’s like 4 times
    brilliant!! name me your favorite team and i’ll pick at least 2 players out off
    that time who dive like hell!
    the one against bosingwa is not what you call a dive, if you don’t jump there
    he could seriously get injured, that’s for protection

  15. SwiiftyHD

    @inthestandsvideos ur no man u fan u liar

  16. MrNiceGuy3261

    The ref should start give straight red for diving. Only a scum would try to justify the fact that Rooney didn’t dive.

  17. jedigooner

    i am a man united fan …and i must man united biggest scum ever

  18. GreenTurtleCBJ

    Moanjackery3k@ Torres doesn’t dive every single game and drogba used to dive

  19. ProtoDemn

    Every single clip, Man Utd was either losing or tied. Shows what kind of team they really are

  20. ProtoDemn

    @moanjackery3k Hush your mouth fool, ur just a Man Utd fan its so obvious. Start supporting REAL teams not teams full of stuck-up and self-obsessed noobs that pick fights when they lose

  21. ProtoDemn

    @inthestandsvideos Whenever they lose, they start physical fights LOL Man Utd is a joke

  22. eyesea

    @moanjackery3k lol torres and drogba just get more stick cuz they aren’t english and play for chelsea.

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