1. Trinder3467

    @plafonte I highly doubt it. Hair transplants never look real and thick. You can never grow them too long because that’s when most of your scalp in being seen. Plus, check out his photos. He’s still missing hair in the temple areas. Who knows, will just have to wait and see….

  2. plafonte

    @Trinder3467 hair transplants take around a year to take full effect so by next summer thats when the real results come in

  3. georgerelax7302

    it was sth unescesary for rooney…we will admire him even without a head..he will just have no headgoals…

  4. redzer06

    people didn’t slag him because he was bald, it was because he has a head like a cardboard box but now it just looks like a cardboard box with some stupid looking fake hair on it

  5. oOEvilClownUKOo

    @farsideoftheocean No, Hair transplants are not for Homo’s.
    Listening to Wendy Mattews is Homo.
    Wipe that Dribble off your Chin.

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