Wayne Rooney bicycle kick goal. Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City [HD 720p].flv

Best goal of Wayne Rooney’s Existence that he scored versus his team’s bitter rivals Manchester city in a vital match. This objective almost ended city’s title hopes and nearly ensured manchester united’s title aspirations.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

  1. TTUAirRaid

    I would rather hear audio of this brilliant moment, instead of your poser ass trying to act hardcore

  2. rooneygoalshd

    The ORIGINAL video can’t be uploaded on youtube because it gets blocked immediatly. I uploaded on metacafe though: w ww.metacafe.com/w/5977879

    (just put the vvvvvv together in the link above)

    Thumbs UP for everyone to be able to check the proper video without this annoying song.

  3. kikazzi

    Great goal, horrible song, terrible video editing

  4. mesellyoutwoshoe

    wow fucking annoying as hell song, amazing goal though

  5. IHaZaRDx

    this is the worst song for this video by MILES

  6. DynoMgp

    @snookerrocks your dumb….nothing special…you probably dont know shitte about footy….world cup is the past we live in the present….wanker!

  7. snookerrocks

    choked at the world cup so nothing special here…jog on.

  8. s0ccer96

    dude he had to put a song in it, there were a lot of videos that were put up without a song and they got taken off by you tube, so stop your fuckin whining, u should actually be happy he put it

  9. pescobanz

    one in a million this goal is definately gonna be in goals of the year …wohooo way to go rooney!!

  10. chivasfaninthe619

    love the video and the goal…. thumps up…..

  11. rooneygoalshd

    I’m trying to upload the original video with the inception and the other song.. but youtube blocks it immediatly. If anyone wants it, pm me

  12. aightaightnigga

    lol wow dude HUGO SANCHEZ made goals like that all time.

  13. MrPimpscarface

    6 people dislike ronaldo7.net i could have been 7 but i like the bicycle goal

  14. xAdaamx1

    You have to put that shit music on a piece of art like this you sad little man

  15. OmgItsKiah

    It’s just a song. So, how about you all just shut up? 🙂

  16. xboxman34710

    I’ll defend OP by saying that he didn’t add this song on purpose; YouTube often does this themselves after OP adds a song with copyright infringement ..


  17. cleaverp

    The idiot who posted this blocked out Rooney with that stupid border . . .and yes, the awful ‘music’!!

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