1. MaDkOrNfLaKeS

    @M0GL1BE4R i dont know why people say that! i see no signs of weakness on him AT ALL. he made an uncountless amount of wonderfull saves with this team and in my opinion, he can get us to win a lot of championships.

  2. lutino1

    Come join us in the “Celtic FC Supporters” private league code 191503-60215 @ Barclays Fantasy Premier League, we need the bhoys.. (great prize by the way).

  3. krogh132

    @M0GL1BE4R Nah, United won’t get beat by anybody. No longer, he should just find his place in the team and now he’s ready.

  4. trancoi228

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  5. ganezh17

    this wazza really amazing…
    he passing direct to leg,he scores penalty,freekick,overhead kick,
    most of it,volley,.once he scored goal,he change to playmaker role…
    he is perfect..some forward in the world can be equal to him…expl..ronaldinho
    but he is the best passing striker of all time…pin point pass..i am watching all of his game,whatever people tell about him also,he is truly a legend,
    he need win 3 more titles,FA cup,european,n WC..
    so he can complete his dream..

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