1. besly988

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  2. hemulinkulli

    Oh sorry,i was too fast on making judgements..after that first Villa goal there wasn’t second in a row i thought you forget it!

  3. hemulinkulli

    Didn’t he score two against Villa??

  4. thexerxes25

    @IraCaelum very one gets emotional once in a while, that does not make them a monkey cunt of a person

  5. IraCaelum

    Very good player but a monkey cunt of a person

  6. jacksirn

    خوش فيديو يعطيك العلفية

  7. ibnanwar

    Well this video was over Quickly LOL

  8. MrKozeljko


    Check the description

  9. Igorsep10two

    Amazing video of the Best Striker of the World!!, Brazilian Fan!!

    what’s the song? o/

  10. dangernath1

    @ikermustafa dude name of the song???

  11. 119monkeyman

    I cant wait to the champions league final. If Rooney is on top form manchester united can win over barca but if rooney dont have a good game i think it can be relly though to beat barca.

  12. Murdee6

    great vid
    hope u gonna add some future goals ^^

  13. mikeaprice09

    @ikermustafa Great video.. you should make a video at the end of the season for all his goals and assists too because he has 11 assists in the league alone 😀 same for nani? he has 10 goals 18 assists.. and it would be nice to see hernandez with all 20 of his goals and maybe berbatov all his 22 .. you have alot of work to do 😉 hahaha

  14. TheSentimental97

    @YoshiKnight01 oh oh ohohohohohohohoh

  15. indian0510

    @ikermustafa You also missed his pen against West Ham at home- our 2nd home game of the season I think, we won that game 3-0.

  16. Alautox

    @AJSTYLESFAN1 Blame Bayern Munich for injuring him in that first leg… he was on top form before that injury… dam germans!

  17. qhrtkalstjr

    @mikiel2323, no. BEST PLAYER in the WORLD!!


    THERES the rooney we needed in the world cup :/

  19. SephirotHeRe

    @ikermustafa Make a great video for Goal of the Year 2011, Rooney vs Manchester City!!

  20. asadjilani1998

    Da greatest ever he is WAYNE ROONEY

  21. Tunis16

    That’s what I love about English Football.
    At 0:55 Nani almost falls because of the defender, but he gets up again and gives a perfect assist. In a lot of other country’s (Spain, Italy) the attacker would fall and cry for a free kick and a card for the defender.

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