1. liplegend

    @Daniellesmith1996 Dude, I know him. He’s got a temper! When he got like tackled hard from Song he always gets up and shout at the ref saying’ give me the fucking foul”! He didn’t do shit. He’s scared.

  2. Daniellesmith1996

    @liplegend omg ovs rooney wasent scared cuz thats why rooney got pulled away by wilshere and ferdinanad and nani and song dident hes thinks hes hard but he isent and enyway rooney dident even look scared of song all rooney did was try and get the ball of him like nani was arsenal were picking fights all game so :0

  3. liplegend

    @Daniellesmith1996 Man that’s bullshit. I think that Rooney was a bit scared of hi because he was quite big and all. And Rooney always has a temper. But when Song like fouled him a dozen times he didn’t do shit.

  4. Daniellesmith1996

    wot a mong wudent give rooney the ball the only reason rooney dident hit him back was cuz he wos on a yellow and then wilshere split it up then him and nani have lil argumentand end up split up arrh arsenal cheated we shud of had 4 pens

  5. VorkeyYT

    You suck more cock than an animal that especially prays on peacocks and kills them by sucking off their heads.

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