1. PracticalJoker19

    You mean shoving players off and pushing them away and stuff means Drogba is the best striker?
    OK yeah Rooney does that too, but only when he looses his temper.
    Pele is legendary, he’s retired, So?

  2. iron888888

    @Fiffen best striker is Pele asshole

  3. mrhoboman100

    @iron888888 dont watch the vid then

  4. fererinha007


  5. gunni18

    it´s rooney…. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal

  6. rorokas1

    rooney just need to get the ball and its goal

  7. creatortag21

    2:10 look like a simple fifa goal x)

  8. RampagePoker

    these aren’t nice goals but get the ball to rooney and its a goal, certainly

  9. EssexBoy940

    @Mzik4urEars The Berbatov who was wank today????

  10. Mzik4urEars

    Rooney sucks so hard. Dont see what Fergie sees in him. Berba and Chicarito should start. Thumbs up if this guy looks like Shrek.

  11. phibonator

    Rooney is the best attacker in the world but in the champions leauge semi final schlake knock you out greetings from germany i like manu but schlake is a german club

  12. Beatlefiield

    look at the goalkeeper from 0:01 to 0:13 xD
    like a statue

  13. zeziko1996

    Look the best goals and skills by Wayne rooney Here! /watch?v=ZhDKYjatSwg

  14. zeziko1996

    Look the best goals and skills by Wayne rooney Here! /watch?v=ZhDKYjatSwg

  15. vandervelde84

    I don’t understand why people still like Rooney. This ugly money grabbing bastard, pregnant wife cheater for a prostitute, the filthy way he used his elbow yesterday, the sarcasm when he thanked the England supporters. Fuck off Rooney AND fuck man united!! Man utd and FA are one. Why not call them: FA Man Utd?

  16. TheKinggazza

    Best video of Wayne Rooney i have ever seen!

  17. 19Lukas76

    Wayne Rooney ist und bleibt einfach eine Ausnahmeerscheinung im weltweiten Fußball.

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