1. TheKyro7

    @02ebutuoYetaHI I bet you know what it’s like now after seeing him smash 2 v Villa and a winner v City.

  2. 02ebutuoYetaHI

    I almost forgot what it was like to see Rooney score (on the pitch)

  3. resilienceman

    @samacooler Only in Man Utds heads and they’re just as deluded as Liverpool supporters.

  4. resilienceman

    Matt Le Tissier is still better than Rooney haha

  5. JuniorXPredi

    What is the name of this song
    Como se llama la cancion ???????

  6. DaviTheBrave

    @samacooler nunca na vida dele nem tem comparação com o rei…

  7. Friendsshare

    I love this video, thanks so much for uploading and working on the video. You should do more because yours are much better than most videos out there.

  8. MichaelJacksonSpin

    wow, i think must be one of the ugly people ever walked this earth , his face i disgusting

  9. ohugitmeueffingc

    Hey you!
    Type in: ‘Rooney Tries to Break Kranjcar’s Leg’
    That talentless thug is the man you idolise!
    Ha ha ha

  10. httpa806

    @TheSavy123 Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day.

  11. Bianconer8TV

    Guys, gratefully, Youtube provided to every user a thing called “PM”.
    Try that mates. Maybe the creator of the video is a bit pissed, cause this convo’s off topic are a bit bugging to him.
    Please guy, some cromprehension.

  12. httpa806

    @WayneRooneyHDTV You’re annoying me. I joined at 2007 and I have always written my name in description. Stop posting stupid comments. I’m not gonna reply to your stupid post anymore.

  13. WayneRooneyHDTV

    Lol no offence but any idiot can go and change their youtube channel name to whatever they want , you dont have to take notice of what im saying but im telling you for your benefit if you upload videos which are not yours too often your account will be disabled trust me i know my account got disabled because of this , so im not degrading your video or saying your a video stealer im just saying if your not Min.Young then you shouldnt take all the credit for this video.

  14. httpa806

    @WayneRooneyHDTV You can see my name in my channel profile.

  15. WayneRooneyHDTV

    Well, sorry if i was mistaken but this video was made by Min.Young and you do not appear as Min.Young and if you are Min.Young I truly do apologise but if your not Min.Young its just wrong

  16. httpa806

    @WayneRooneyHDTV Are you kidding me? I made all videos that I uploaded in my channel. Min Young is my name. You didn’t know me then you shouldn’t write a comment like this. It’s annoying.

  17. WayneRooneyHDTV

    what i mean is you shouldnt take all the credit on videos you have not made yourself or had permission by the owner so in this case Min.Young!

  18. WayneRooneyHDTV

    Lol you shouldnt steal other peoples video you know … BY.MinYoung !

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