1. Darionthisguy

    its pretty ignorant to assume de gea is shit based on the 2 games in england when hes been one of the best goalie in la liga for the last 2 years. he wont be a weak link, hes a strong goalkeeper.

  2. jayamufumi2

    De gea has to learn and fergi knows this thats why we habe to give de gea a chance to improve and once he has settled then we have a new vann der saar on our hands!

  3. MegaRyanp123

    We gotta look at it from de gea side he has never played in england before he is playing for the biggest club in english history and he had a shackey start if utd wouldnt have won the game against albion the papers would have been covering him and tht will put loads of pressure on him give him until christmas and he will be settled in but utd wont win the league vidic ferdie going off with injuries and a un settled keeper not good utd need to possibly buy a weak but confident keeper for a while

  4. Spann821

    Gotta cut the guy some slack. Adjusting to the English game, huge pressure on him playing for Man UTD. Plus his first game was at Wembley against UTD’s biggest rivals City. Also there were some doubts on Petr Cech when he first started but look at him now. Quality.

  5. Mrhammond94

    arsene to stay at arsenal comming from an arsenal player. my personal opinion arsene’s one of the best managers arsenal have ever had

  6. xGhandi

    De Gea is a good goalkeeper, I watched him quite a lot for a.Madrid last season and he is a solid keeper but the premier league is so much different from la liga and considering he is only 20 (or however old he is) and been trained to save kind of goals that la liga forwards score which is mainly in the box (excluding free kicks and diego forlan but they were on the same team so it doesn’t matter) I think people shouldn’t be criticising him after two major games, I think that fergie is doing th

  7. MagicSniiper

    My opinion is leave De Gea out for a month or two, let him get some serious training and serious english lessons. We have Lindegaard and Amos as back ups which is more than enough. Lindegaard has a lot of potential.

  8. P123jHD

    west broms attack will be unstoppable. theyve got a rather fast black man and a rather fast white man in odemwingie and long

  9. EssexBoy940

    He cant say the names right ffs what does this guy no about football De Gea will be world class in a couple of years….FACT! and i dont even support em

  10. JohnTerryLegend26

    …away but he doesn’t look like his old self, Lukaku looks like a steal, just a left footed Drogba. As far as im concerned we’d be a dominant 4-3-3 had we kept onto Ballack, Robben, Diarra, Super Joey Cole and Claude Makelele (LEGENDS). As for Champions League i can only HOPE for Uefalona, we’re the only team that can beat them when they don’t have that corrupt cunt Ovrebo playing for them. Stoke loudest fans in the prem? Bollocks. Chelsea away, nothing compares… KTBFFH. CAREFREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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