The Women Behind The World Cup

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World Cup attractive not only those big players but also there is the woman behind these players. Football will not let women walk away. On the contrary, these beautiful women have formed a World Cup form a beautiful landscape. They believe that the emergence of will definitely give this man even more rich and colorful feast.

In the 32 World Cup team,no doubt that the wife of England’s group is the most impressive as their husband and boyfriend in the pitch on a hard. These women will not idle and their in addition to the refueling mission beyond the stadium’s credit card is waved in a month’s vacation squandered a good look.

Beckham’s wife who former Spice Girl of them already used in the spotlight. However, Wayne Rooney’s fiancee Colleen growth of the last two years of training are also among the 17-year-old. Walcott’s girlfriend Melanie is in the World Cup with Walcott national team and became famous overnight. Although Melanie said she preoccupied with low-key response but she admits that the focus was placed on the location of people still make her afraid.

Two days ago, Spice Girls star in a harem in the rating was selected as the most annoying footballer’s wife but she ignore it.After Beckham out of the shadow of scandal the Spice Girl is now an easy to predict the results will not affect her rating to relax in a good mood in Germany.

At the same time, Colleen is fully shown mature charm. She was also generous in the World Cup. She hope Rooney can have good performance in the World Cup. When prostitution scandal than Rooney came to tears the way all day Colleen has matured a lot.

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