1. Peterson0101

    i would be appreciate if you can upload this video in HD 😀

  2. AaronZavala

    Manchester united the home of wayne rooney, the best player in the world.. fuck who ever denies it.

  3. saffibaffi

    @enjam he is so far and beyond owens capabilities///// goal scoring alone owen would win but rooney is a far better player

  4. LYJManchesterUnited

    That volley itself is worth 50 million.

  5. lolNEED55

    shut up asshole u know nothing about football dick..

  6. lolNEED55

    his way better than micheal owen..go rooney boy wonder

  7. narutokins

    how could i be being prejudice when i’m english :s!!!

  8. soccer3080

    ur being prejudice sayin that we are stronger and smarter than england is. common now, dont be such a hipocrite

  9. TheExtremeCore

    Can’t remember what the song is called but its on Mission Impossible II Soundtrack, the other one is Linkin’ Park – Pushing Me Away

  10. unitedcyzs

    smart video,starting no song to show the story and then the song to show how good is wayne rooney.

  11. bighumanbals

    nice fucking video…
    wayne rooney
    “the boy wonder”
    definately is a phenomenon

  12. narutokins

    i don’t like idiots who dis americans,they need to get a life, considering they are a stronger country than brits and have more brains than brits to, people who do this i believe are prejudice and lame!!!!

  13. narutokins

    lets hope this video does’nt turn into,
    “the story of the one hit wonder” i loved his season last year, as he got as much assists than he did goals with 12 each!, but i guess others did’nt, he’s not over rated he justs thinks about overs more than himself, he’s amazing!

  14. s45w

    hes fucking sick !
    hell be up there with george best, gazza n bobby charlton

  15. somethingblue22

    brill vid but u spelt it wrong the price was wrong and you spelt his name wrong r u american u must be

  16. fifa07g

    sorry its me again …..i dont mean the third goal but the 5th….please aswer

  17. fifa07g

    5/5 just one thing ….what is that 3rd goal on the vid ????? caus its great and i have never seen it before ……please aswer ….

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