Special 1 TV – Episode 1 – Extended Version

Join The Specific One particular, Wayne Rooney, Sven Goran Eriksson and visitors as they capture the pleasure of the Planet Cup 2010 in South Africa. Observe Wayne Rooney aid ‘Ronnie’ understand how to dive convincingly at altitude, discover out more about a Hollywood celebrity’s ideas for David Beckham and join the kick off for Particular one TV’s arrival to BBC 3 www.bbc.co.uk

  1. realist81UK


    They’re basically mugging rafa for his mobile phone and callnig him a divvy. lord I’m from atown only 30 odd miles from liverpool and i struggle understanding ’em most of the time!

  2. karuitha

    Wenger, replaces Sven. I can’t wait for next week.

  3. NuStyler555

    check me “special one” thanks movie xD rly ;]

  4. musictube99

    what r gerrard and carragher saying at 2:20 and whats it mean?

  5. eregte

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  6. billeone

    Its Ronnie he wants to practise diving at altitude… Refereeeeeeeee

  7. Joylevinstein

    That Tom Cruise impersonation is fantastic. “The soccer fest… the … soccer… world cup… soccer. Lampard, in the end zone! “

  8. Joylevinstein

    @CaleySaints90 Yeah looks like they pimped it up a bit. The new one looks less moronic.

  9. 5H4K490

    lol “world cup is for countrys im champion of entire continent” i can so picture mourinho saying that

  10. mlawson84

    @director24JS You got your wish! it’s back 🙂

  11. CaleySaints90

    Is there a new Rooney puppet? His face looks different to the previous series’.

  12. Doitchampions

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  13. Jenifarjerrad

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  14. Kazz3000BETA

    @MSHRPC He’s saying “Gaffer” in a French accent. Gaffer meaning boss or coachh.. +D

  15. MSHRPC

    (because we americans need everything explained to us)

    What does Drogba call Jose? Gaffel?

  16. pommydice

    “no mark” is what gerrard says, scouse slang for being a nobody..awesome stuff, only just discovered this after severe withdrawals when it ended..please bring it back!

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