1. quezadilla9

    Which makes it an even better goal in my book. He CLEARLY wanted pull off the overhead kick. Though it hit his shin he still kicked it with accuracy and power to where he wanted to put it. This wasn’t a lucky strike and its far from being a fail.

  2. amazingdany

    1- It was scored by Wayne Rooney, one of MU’s star players.

    2- It was scored during the Manchester derby.

    3- It was scored at Old Trafford stadium, the theater of dreams.

    4- It was scored during a close, nail-biting game.

    5- It was scored with the extremely difficult technique of the bicycle kick.

    That resulted in a “football perfect storm”, as if the football planets and stars decided to align themselves during that day. Other more awesome overheads just didn’t have all those factors!

  3. sthill1993

    It can hit any part of your body except hands and arms. If it was a fail, maybe Joe Hart would have moved?

  4. ninjagear23

    Ball doesn’t touch his boot. Fluke goal, but he meant to score so it’s still skilful. No where near best goal in premiership though. It’s not even rooneys best.

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