1. Giovanni Monteiro

    Highlights FIFA 06… gol nostálgico!

  2. James Pitcher

    How anyone can call him overrated is beyond belief!!

  3. punschrus

    “A new star is born on Merseyside ” – Yes, we know.


    the reason is because he wasnt asked to be playing as a deep striker cos a
    teenager wouldnt have the brains to be a deep striker now he is older and
    has more knowledge of the footballing game fergie asks him to play deeper
    which is way he is less entertaining

  5. mws2511

    @mckyle9 I never said you said he wasn’t good now either, did I? And no,
    you said he never (NEVER) scores goals like that now, I’ve proved you wrong
    and suddenly you’re saying very rarely. Don’t even bother replying, cause
    your comment below proves everything, and I doubt I’ll reply unless you
    actually have a valid point rather than calling me stupid as a defence.


    10 years ago. First goal. Remember this name, Wayne Rooney

  7. EnglishableOscar

    im an evertonian so i don’t have the best relationship with rooney but you
    can’t say he doesn’t score like that anymore. think about the bicycle kick
    against city last year, his chip against middlesborough a few years ago,
    his curler from just about the touchline a couple of seasons ago. he’s
    absolute class and you just can’t take that away from him, no matter who
    you support

  8. Lukáš Parfus

    remember this name WAYNE ROONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. keelmc9

    Have you actually read the conversation? I never said he wasn’t good, of
    course he’s brilliant. But look back to the start of his career he scored
    peaches like this all the time, very rarely if ever now; the type of goals
    he scores has changed I don’t know how anyone can say they haven’t.

  10. keelmc9

    @mws2511 Are you stupid? I didn’t say he wasn’t good now. What I said was
    that he used to score goals like this all the time, but very very rarely
    does now.

  11. Neokagez

    It’s actual commentary mate. Saw this exact goal on my sports channel a few
    days ago

  12. Pierre Deleuze

    10 years ago day per day ! little 16teen Rooney !

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