1. lickstickly

    @dasfuller to be fair he could have said he hated little people

  2. ClintDuza

    haha I wonder how it would have gone down had the little man been a woman?

  3. bobokk

    @SoiCowboy2 Fuck the pundits. Do we really need all the pointless analysis? Ian Wright laughing at little people is a lot funnier than Hansen and Lineker’s lame attempts at humour.

  4. drgonz1

    hahahaha LOL the awkward silence in the studio after Ian Wrights comment… priceless!

  5. aspasov1986

    england is the only country playing 4-4-1.5 formation…

  6. Nikeboy128

    yo theelepahantman put this in tags “yt:stretch=16:9” and it will strech the video the widescreen.

  7. jaryd12345

    OMG I’ve finally figured it out, Ian Wright is the black Karl Pilkington!

  8. colnago2001

    after Ian Wright says that the others are all like “….ahem…”

  9. JoeyMondayRefused

    @daduffer2007 soooooooooo right
    All three use predictable, obvious humour that it wouldnt take a child two minutes to come up with.
    Dylan Moran, Ricky Gervais all the way
    Lee Mack is pathetic

  10. oasis4ever92

    warwick davis is a legend, as is merch and ricky obviously. Wright’s face at the end is priceless

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