Premiership Jen spotted partygoers at Alcatraz GoGo bar

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The Sun newspaper reported at the end of final yr that Jenny Thompson, Wayne Rooney’s erstwhile nemesis, “will see in the New 12 months at Thailand’s Total Moon rave” but was spotted at Thailand’s notorious entertainment area amid close friends and “inmates”.Alcatraz GoGo bar is the latest and arguably the most significant GoGo bar in Thailand, which has a distinctive prison leitmotif which extends to poledancers on the ground degree, “inmates” and “correctional institution officers” in caged cells on the 2nd, and an ultra-cool lounge bar that is laid-back, opulent, intimate and risqué, on the third.

Alcatraz GoGo bar is maybe be the unlikeliest venue for higher-flying Bolton lady Jennifer Thompson, who is said to be “properly-spoken” and from a “middle-course family members who dwell in a £300,000 detached house in a leafy suburb of Bolton”.

The Sun newspaper lately documented that she “will see in the New 12 months at Thailand’s Total Moon rave” but right after that she ought to have created a speedy dash to Pattaya as she was noticed at Alcatraz GoGo bar in Walking Road, Thailand’s notorious enjoyment place.

The newspaper reported that she had “splashed out on cosmetic surgical procedure, a luxury view, designer clothing, a new property and champagne-fuelled nights out”. But there she was, in the heart of Pattaya’s enjoyment district, in a GoGo bar, observing sketchily-clad ladies dancing, listening to cutting-edge Home music into the early hours and mingling with “prison guards” and her buddies.

In accordance to the Mirror newspaper, Wayne Rooney, the £100,000-a-week Manchester United and England star, slept with brunette “Premiership Jen” 7 situations and “he even flaunted her on a string of dates to VIP haunts in Manchester, like bars, clubs and the city’s 235 Casino”. But it is doubtful whether these clubs in the north of England could boast this kind of eroticism as the dynamic planet of Alcatraz.

This is the lady that caused Wayne Rooney so significantly anguish when he confessed his transgressions to childhood-sweetheart spouse Coleen. Under huge strain from tabloid revelations, his wife later took the 24-yr-previous footballer back again even right after he admitted to cheating on her although she was pregnant with their son.

“Nicely-spoken” and “middle-class” she may be, but “Premiership Jen” was mixing it up with prison-clad crew this week and presumably revelling in the seductive spectacle of Alcatraz GoGo bar, Pattaya’s psuedo-criminal gogotheque.

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Alcatraz GoGo bar is Pattaya’s most intoxicating GoGo bar and nightclub, found in the heart of Strolling Road. It has a distinctive jail leitmotif which extends to 3 ranges: there are poledancers on the initial ground, “correctional institution officers” dancing in their caged cells on the mezzanine, although on the prime degree there is an ultra-cool lounge bar, set out to be laid-back, opulent, intimate and risqué.