Pie Will Survive

Article by Gerry McDonnell

I’m a lover, not a fighter. My campness is not a end result of liberal idealism I’ve just misplaced so several brawls that i’ve had pacifism thrust upon me. Currently, the only way i’d get concerned in a ruck is if the spouse was getting mugged. If we stood together, I reckon we could take her.

Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich do not share my progressively feminine outlook. War has damaged out among manager and chairman, and Chelsea’s title ambitions are the very first confirmed casualty. The beleaguered Blues are still firing on all cylinders in the cups though Nottingham Forest will be cut down at a scything one/7.

Petr Cech is so worried about the ongoing hostilities, he’s whipped out his helmet as a safeguard. With the inspirational keeper amongst the sticks and a revitalised Shevchenko leading the line, I’m quietly self-confident that the Blues will both win three- or 4-, a scenario which pays out at a a lot more socially acceptable 3/1.

The typically placid Frank Lampard has reacted angrily to criticism from Joey Barton this week. I can’t assist thinking that Frank really should have just taken it on the chin the 2nd one particular. The Lamp is in great fettle, he should be backed at a rotund eleven/eight to locate the net at any time.

If the fallout from the ‘Big Brother’ house has taught us anything, it is that we must unite as a folks. Let us come collectively, proper now, to back West Ham at five/6 to see off Watford.

Wayne Rooney has admitted to figuring out all the songs from ‘Oliver!’ off by heart. I’d have assumed ‘Grease’ would have been more up his alley. They say an army marches on their stomach’ Rooney can lead his United troop to a victory about Portsmouth at three/10.

Southampton appear overpriced to result in a shock at Manchester Metropolis. The Saints are flying substantial in the Championship, Bradley Wright-Phillips is in goal scoring sort and Pele is positive to make it challenging for Psycho’s males. Gentleman Town are usually the epitome of unpredictability, the Saints can march in at 4/one.

I don’t think in déjà vu, although i’ve acquired a niggling feeling that I might have described that when just before. Birmingham deal with Reading in the 4th Round for the second year operating the Blues arrived out on top previous time, at odds of six/four, a repeat is more than a chance.

Violence is never ever the answer. Unless the query is, ‘What’s the finest way to guarantee my dinner’s on the table on time’. Reading coach Wally Downes truly laid fingers on Neil Warnock previous week, when push arrives to shove, I suggest you back again Birmingham to win 1- at 15/two.

It really is been reported that Tottenham may possibly be given a bye in the UEFA Cup how can they be so confident that they’ll meet Rangers? I’m definitely optimistic that Spurs will beat Southend at one/four.

Is it wrong for me to continually speak of my admiration for Thierry Henry? Apparently, it is throughout lovemaking. It is challenging for me to think of the Gunners without having remembering my wedding ceremony day. It brings a tear to my eye to assume of the wife becoming led down the aisle by her father, shortly right after her brothers had led me down head 1st. I’m welling up about the 8/15 for an Arsenal win over Bolton.

Mike Newell’s comments on female officials were nothing at all brief of abhorrent in today’s much more enlightened society. There is a definite location for the fairer intercourse in the gorgeous game those pies do not warmth on their own. Blackburn will see off Luton at a rather warm five/six.

Stoke will be up for the fight at the Cottage, but like Large Brother’s Jackiey, they’re poorly armed. I’m heading to go out on a limb and propose that a Fulham win at eight/13 is a punt pulled right out of the leading drawer.

Many people admire Ghandi for his unswerving dedication to resolving conflict in a non-violent manner. Personally, I preferred it when Thumper tried using to educate him how to ice skate. Middlesbrough are on fire, they’ll turn about Bristol City at a red-very hot eleven/10.

It’s not the dimension of the canine in the battle if it was, the spouse would be the undisputed earth heavyweight champion. Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Fulham, West Ham and Arsenal kind an 18/one accer that is so dominant, any argument in opposition to it would be like foreplay a comprehensive waste of time and energy.

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This is not just a weekend FA Cup preview it really is a phase in the direction of globe peace. As constantly, the effortlessly offended need to steer clear.