1. 77cocopop

    Good to hear! After watching videos of him play I think his style of play will suit the English league as he is quick and has lots of skill. He done well in Spain so I think he will do well in the Premier league. Looking forward to see him play for Liverpool.

  2. Gooner Liife

    I seriously don’t get why Liverpool didn’t sign Sneijder – 6.5 million pounds for a world class player in a position they need (behind the striker).

  3. ilGenio90

    potentially he’s a 10, i’m absolutely sure of that… he’s able to dribble anyone (his best match when he was playing with espanyol was against barcelona, no one could stop him)… his only week point is that he’s small and loses any physical contrast… but if he’ll be able to build some muscles, then he’ll be unstoppable…

  4. ilGenio90

    i’m afraid we’ve done a big mistake letting coutinho go away… i don’t think lucas or oscar are better than him, he just didn’t have many chances to show his skills… i would’ve let cassano go away… let’s face it, cassano is 30, in 1-2 years we will have to replace him with someone else… why not keeping coutinho and getting rid of cassano? hope he does well in england, i’m a big fan of yours cou!!!

  5. Aido21391

    Who are Watford? Some insignificant club in the arse end league of fuck knows where. Oh and the videos on your channel hahahahahahaha

  6. AmericanKopite21

    Only people who are completely clueless about football would make that comment. Football isn’t rugby you idiot! Look at Silva, Mata, Oscar, Sterling, Lennon, Zola, etc.. Look at what Barcelona’s smaller midfield “midgets” of Xavi and Iniesta did to the much physically bigger Manchester United midfield in the Champions League final. United were completely outclassed, outpassed, and lost 3-1. Learn your football mate.

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