Near-Legend Status

The new Man U manager David Moyes definitely had experienced a fumbling start after stepping on Sir Fergusson’s shoes but it might have been further worsening for the new chief had he been unable to restore Rooney for the club. The Scot who took up as the boss for the esteemed squad this May feels that their stellar striker is almost like a legend now and is one of the most sought-after names among the club rivals like Chelsea.

It was due to the English forward chiefly that Manchester United was actually able to brush-aside the West Ham relegation-threatened United with a 3-1 score last weekend- Rooney had always been a one of the most coveted names among England’s Premier League contenders such as Chelsea before close of transfer window this September as he admitted his frustrations regarding playing in midfield under the former Man U boss Sir Ferguson the previous season.

However, Moyes was ultimately successful is restricting Chelsea’s advances towards Rooney whose fantastic form off late has been of tremendous significance for the club, especially in the asbsence of many senior players such as Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and Robin Persie.

“What do I see especially in Rooney? Well I find leadership in him more than just anything. I see someone who is eager to take up the entire responsibility for his team”, Moyes was all praise for Wayne whom he considers as being on the verge of being a nothing but “a legend”.

“I find someone who cares about his own as well as the team’s overall performance. He is approaching the age now where he can be the boy no more. He’s one among the seniors in the Man U and is almost on his way to stand up as a great legend very soon at the club”, continued a seemingly impressed Moyes.