1. ikweetbeter

    Shame on you Arsenal/Arsene wenger just leave the UK and go fu ck some frensch club greeting from holland!

  2. welshdrummer93

    you make me laugh!!! hahaha ‘our players slipped’ awwwww didums!!! and old trafford’s pitch isnt ‘shit’, SAF insists that the pitch is well watered before every game cos thats the way united’s players like the pitch they play on. after all isnt the whole point of playing at home too make the pitch of advantage too the home team?! DICKHEAD hahahahahahaa

  3. smeedy187

    His bicycle kick was good, but 2 of our players slipped & would of got the ball had they not slipped, united’s pitch is shit! a striker’s main goal is too score goals which he hardly did, yes he may of made key passes but so does every player, he is over rated! yes he is world class but there’s about 20-30 players i rate more highly than rooney!

  4. madmadi

    just because you dont like a player shouldn’t cloud your judgement on their skill. he is obviously world class, he didnt have a great start last season but towards the end he was on song. His passing and play making is amazing.You’re a city fan? You should remember the bicycle kick he delivered to beat your team then, not world class…ha.

  5. mrarmtin

    Rooney makes tonts ons of plays for Manu but he disappears in world cup. he looks tired and lost . I wonder why! Bristh players need to put it togeather once for theit national team for God sake.

  6. fivemanfloyd

    F all the haters Rooney is still at top 3 as a pure striker. Let your defence stand up to him and not shit thier shorts!!! Forza Juve

  7. smeedy187

    I hate the guy because i support man city plus i don’t see how any one can say he’s world class! He performs well some times but I don’t think he’s in the top 3 players in the world at the moment, 2 seasons ago yes he was but after last season i don’t think he is, Messi, Ronaldo & Xavi are the 3 best players at the moment, Rooney’s got more greed than class! He handed in a transfer request last season, there were rumours that city would sign him but i didn’t want him, he’s scum!

  8. ginotta100

    I’m an arsenal fan and to be honest your only as good as your last game. We are shit at the moment but let’s see what happens when you come to arsenal!!!!

  9. mabuskiller

    arsenal are every top striker’s favourite victim:messi,rooney,drogba.They are not a big team anymore,euro lge team and last 16 in CL(IF)

  10. tigerarmyrule

    Any suggestion that Rooney is not world class is simple ABU bias. He is clearly among the top 6 or 7 players in the world and when fit almost certainly the most gifted player in the EPL. Goal.com gave him a 9.5 for his MOTM showing V Arsenal….only world class players get that kind of rating.

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