Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City – Wayne Rooney United followers had thought they’d observed anything. And for those inside of Old Trafford on Saturday, they can now add to the checklist one particular of the most breathtaking ambitions at any time scored in a Manchester derby.

  1. levendi49

    Rooooooooooooooooooney!!!! Bless ya lad….Crawley Town and the Marseille…then back to League….c’mon lads you’re almost to #19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HHC9312

    Rooney i forgive your poor 5 goals of this season i think that goal worth the 34 of the last season 😉


    stop going on about his frigging shin.. as your upside down and your foot is horizontal, if it is to come off his foot then it would of gone wide or over… as his leg and foot is at a 90 degree angle it would of gone wide or over. the execution of this goal is second to none and inches from perfect

  4. stoogiebaby

    @HandleyUnitedFanatic id rather he scored 6 off his shins than 1 like that ………just dont want 1 moment 2 mask over all the shit he put the club through ………. he still has a lot 2 give back in my view

  5. HandleyUnitedFanatic

    @stoogiebaby I’ll never put him in the same bracket as giggs and scholes, no matter what he does for this club from now on, but I can’t help but love him when he does things like that

  6. Yehahyankee


  7. stoogiebaby

    @HandleyUnitedFanatic not yet man , he still has a long way 2 go in my book

  8. t1o2c3i4l5

    @redmustang03 He didn´t have a good game, the only good thing he did was score that goal!

  9. redmustang03

    @mitch4790, your right if he doesn’t get more goals, Chicharito may be playing more. Sort like with Chris Smalling if he starts to play good then Rio is going to be sitting on the bench. I mean you either start playing better or your going to be replaced. Sort like Rudd Van Nistelroy he started slacking and then he got replaced by CR7 when his contract came up.

  10. mitch4790

    @redmustang03 he needs to score goals like that every time he played shit in that match until that beautiful moment lol

  11. daanstoute1

    pure respect for him to admit it was a bit luck c.ronaldo would never do that

  12. hardjustice9366

    @hardjustice9366 you are clearly misinformed…. there have been dozens of better goals this season… i think i just proved my point, so, you can go and play fifa, or whatever it is you do, and get a life instead of posting retarded shit on youtube

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