1. BurbeQue

    This guy is sooooooooooo funny!!! I love Holloways rants!!!

  2. resilienceman

    I’ve noticed the thumbs-up indicates Liverpools 2005 win in Istanbul lol.

  3. crazzer123

    although your making humans sound like contracts i do respect what he is saying

  4. SuperSlyFish

    When Fergie steps down, I hope we get this guy. Great manager with great passion for the game.

  5. SuperJos3ph

    I thought that sign in the background said Wrong lol :S

  6. fraddstar

    Fantastic, makes so much sense. Thanks for your passion Ian, Im a leeds fan but I certainly hope Blackpool stay in the premier league.

  7. MrRossdawson182

    Omg he is such a legend Lmao, Holloway for England manager

  8. sattarreggaefan

    He should be a teacher or a lecturer, maybe a lawyer.
    wrong job mr ian holloway

  9. MadSkeelz16

    I still hate Wayne Rooney and i’m a united fan, he just didn’t want to be here and the fact that he got such a hard time about it is the ONLY reason he stayed. He’s not even performed well enough for me to force myself to forgive him, Hernandez needs to be played everytime instead of Rooney. Hernandez is so thankful for what he has, even if unite got relegated he would most likely stay, whereas Rooney wanted to leave United because they were in second place. He’s a joke !!

  10. xDm5x9tZpp

    tbh i can see now why Rooney was being compared to Pele before this world cup…..
    he did resemble a 69 year old who is way past his prime.

  11. costateguise

    Very exaturated situation this. Rooney isnt even as good as he used to be…what the hell do the other managers care?

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