Exclusive Wayne Rooney Interview

Manchester United and England captain Rio Ferdinand interviews his teammate and global superstar Wayne Rooney ahead of the 2010 Planet Cup in South Africa, asking Wazza a sequence of not to be missed football issues… See the full interview in #five Magazine at #five Magazine for Free of charge at www.rioferdinand.com
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  1. TheCakeIsASpy0o

    How is this interview exclusive when it’s on youtube? :

  2. alslevie1986

    Proof he’s a closet Liverpool fan,when he says the player he looked up to as a kid was Michael Owen.

  3. DevilsH0b0

    youd think ferdinand would know all this as he is in is team lol

  4. Spinjunky411

    @Sunshine45045 yeah NOT thats why he has not scored since march, i think you mean berbatov #9 !!!!

  5. FrenkieWilde

    @TrishaSheerin Yup . the season is still not over yet so…

  6. TrishaSheerin

    @FrenkieWilde really you still so sure about that ?

  7. FrenkieWilde

    @synjesus Yea like MU is not already fuck up , you are fuck up like last 2 seasons and this is again a fuck up season for you… For all i care Inter is gonna be again Seraia A champion , but you will never take the season from Chelsea and now from City… poor bastards.lol

  8. synjesus

    @FrenkieWilde fuck off. toobad Rafael Benitez is is gonna fuck up Inter. poor bastards.lol

  9. schalkeism

    rooney sieht aus wie 30 und ist erstmal 24 jahre oder so

  10. Sunshine45045

    Wayne Rooney is a really great player who knows how to dominate the ball and score goals that really surprised.

  11. chrisvda88

    England needs to play him like Man U does, all alone.. It would have helped too if Scholes went to the WC..

  12. sandrahayes9

    sexy sexy sexy! im totally in lovewith him!! he´s the perfect english football player!!

  13. vankwisher7

    @Dancrof80s Not really a comment…highlighting the depth of Rooney’s interview content.

  14. Dancrof80s

    @vankwisher7 why are you posting that comment on every wayne rooney interview?

  15. XJNHMVz

    I respect Rooney for saying the truth and saying what believes in, not just saying like Cantona or Beckham or himself

  16. blurryfast

    okay… the ending was cheesy… we already know who you are wazza! you’re fucking GOD!

  17. giodmx313

    Ferdinand is so funny haha 😀 GREAT PLAYERS BOTH OF EM

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