1. macedonianwolf

    Ronaldo smiles like an idiot 🙂
    I just loved when they kicked each other in the world cup 🙂

  2. rodredgar17

    @gaaraldeldesierto Nani Holds on to the ball to much then he looses it. he fucking sucks, he is a wanna be cristiano ronaldo

  3. crieiessacontaagora

    @therealslimsutty The only thing I can tell you is my only experiences of life, which obviously not serves to every people. Not only football, but any sport, music, comedy show, whatever, you pay to watch even when you think you ain’t. That’s how the world goes. If you ever had the chance to play at M. United and win millions per month, you’d complain about? I doubt.

  4. crieiessacontaagora

    @therealslimsutty I would looove to keep arguing about… but instead I prefer to ask: will ever make any difference to you? I can only see 3 options here: 1- I’ll show you a complete revelation of life and you’ll start to agree with me no matter what I say; 2- You’ll not agree with me but will keep respecting my opinion and we’re going to find no conclusion at all (the point we’re since the beginning); or 3- Maybe you’re just waiting some reply to reply back and show me how wrong I am. Next…

  5. therealslimsutty

    @crieiessacontaagora Footballers do hardly anything for there money pure hard FACT………… You saying physically, so tell me what do they do to physically help people that give them there money…………. I’m not against the fact that people like football I just think its stupid that people pay Footballers so much money and hardly get anything back in return…..

    I’m not against the sport i’m just purely against how much the footballers get when they clearly do nothing in return

  6. crieiessacontaagora

    @therealslimsutty Help you both emotional and physically – but seems like you already get a straight point, so i won’t spend more time trying to explain you. Just figure that people spend money for whatever they want – you may spend in something that other people also consider stupid, but it doesn’t matter, since it’s just personal taste.

  7. therealslimsutty

    @crieiessacontaagora Absolutely people do deserve happiness even if it is short, its just people paying alot of there hard earned cash for happiness that suddenly comes and then unfortunetly goes that I think is stupid……. You football fans pay alot of money for something that only emotionally helps you for a few moments, even seconds. Doesn’t physically help you in life.

  8. crieiessacontaagora

    @therealslimsutty You shouldn’t blame the football players then; blame the capitalism, the bank stocks, the social inequality, players and organizations from almost every sport (tennis, golf, formula one, basketball – makes even more money sometimes), etc.

    Also, any person in this world deserves an moment of happiness even if it is short – do you think football players are happy all the time? One thing I can tell you for sure – money don’t bring happiness to anyone.

  9. therealslimsutty

    @crieiessacontaagora In many cases happiness only hides problems not fix them for many many people happiness only takes them away from there hard lives for a few moments……..

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