1. silky194

    Where was the assistant referees guide dog? seriously guys he could of injured himself.

  2. mizofan

    @JohnUSA7 Only 1 penalty Chelsea should have had this time, compared with several v Barcelona in 09. Before that, there was the Liverpool “goal” and another bad ref match v Barca; these Champions League decisions are mounting up. Add the penalty shoot out in Moscow, it’s starting to feel like a jinx, if not a conspiracy. But it’s great to see Ryan Giggs has still got what it takes. Torres hasn’t been the same player for a year or more now: £50 million for him?? What value for money Giggs was!

  3. firdauzsv

    wow harry redknapp back to commentate after his team’s getting mauled at the night before… what a hustler

  4. jasonkidhill

    Man U played well but was real luckyif not for Evra!

  5. Kevo193

    Haha once again chelsea, DIVES ARNT PENALTIES.

  6. thatguystefan

    Michael Carrick’s pass was magnificent!!

  7. TheLion10messi

    @SuperKhilroy EPL is a barbarian party

  8. MrFootballfan82

    @Kragge14 This is super random, but at the exact same moment that I am reading your comment, my roommate starts playing “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” Lol. Talk about Irony. That’s all.

  9. fidah1983


  10. manutdsalfordreds

    @JohnUSA7 So what they’ve had big decisions go their away against us in the premiership for years. PAYBACK its swings and round abouts as far as i’m concerned

  11. fidah1983

    since man utd have won the 1st leg,no hope for the blues.all e way man utd.(united rules)

  12. manutdsalfordreds

    @TheSoliorol So what.What goes around comes around they’ve had the ref on their side in all the domestic matches we’ve played them for years now

  13. fiveknuckleshuffle91

    chelsea will be pwned at both stamford bridge and old trafford,since chelsea lost at stamford,there will be a high chance that chelsea will lose!!!!!!!!!!!MAN U FOREVA

  14. latios333

    torres was sole striker at liverpool but now hes under pressure at chelsea since he hsa to fight for his spot?

  15. TheSoliorol

    @haram9311 Yeah it was exactly penalty and ref’s had perfect look of action!!! It was not so fair game

  16. roflcopter2006

    I’m a Chelsea fan, but I take my hat off to Ryan Giggs. The guy is truly one in a million.

  17. ultimatebuzz1

    giggs was brilliant for the goal top player top professional

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