Rooney Replacement Barkley?

Wayne Rooney is famously regarded as one of the best things to come out of the Everton youth academy, but Everton manager Roberto Martinez claims that midfielder Ross Barkley could be an even better prospect. Barkley is currently playing for Everton after having come through the ranks at the club. However, his impressive run of … Read more »

Coins Were Thrown At Rooney

Rooney got ready to play on the field when a fan of an opposite team threw coins at him the day after when Manchester United paid Wayne Rooney the huge amount of money in Britain. He took the coin from the grass handed it over to referee and started his game. Rooney’s response was exact … Read more »

Near-Legend Status

The new Man U manager David Moyes definitely had experienced a fumbling start after stepping on Sir Fergusson’s shoes but it might have been further worsening for the new chief had he been unable to restore Rooney for the club. The Scot who took up as the boss for the esteemed squad this May feels … Read more »


Arsenal have made a very impressive start of season by winning 8 of their 10 matches of the Premier League so far it’s been a shocker to many people seeing them higher than Chelsea, Manchester City and United. This however fails to impress Wayne Rooney who said that Arsenal have been in many similar situations … Read more »