1. jccwg

    chicharito will never be one fifth as good as him

  2. rancid2222

    Nothing better than soccer analysis from the bathroom.

  3. Donkeyhawk

    Very nice strike, as a liverpool supporter I can admit that, but Alex Ferguson is out of his mind if he believes that’s the best strike he’s seen in 25 whatever years of coaching blah blah blah

  4. chapisql

    For reference, search hugo sanchez’s goals

  5. Baaaxx

    really good analysis but next time please leave about 1-2 second for the freeze-frames, couldn’t really see them clearly

  6. polychronio

    @lordtufty racist. football is the most popular sports in china. just because he has american accent doesn’t mean he should like gridiron.

  7. Blinky3341

    It was a great goal, one of the best in the Premier League so far this season!

  8. lordtufty

    Asian-American? as far away from English as possible. Stick to your ping pong and pussy version of “football” and stay away from the premiership. (all multiethnic banter. no offence intended :P)

  9. daewooparts

    the shot they shown on the photo/screenshot on tv ,i can see my friends brother and his friend just left of his foot !

  10. Mondaysan

    That was an amazing goal, it’s a shame that he doesn’t do things like that when in an England shirt.

  11. ICMItrampolining

    the reason the ball was so high was cause it hit zabaleta.

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