A Chick with a Pick

Article by Gerry McDonnell

I’m unwilling to pigeon hole myself politically, but if forced, I would happily spot myself in the ‘frustrated feminist’ box. If I was close to in the early portion of the twentieth century I’d have been a lot more than pleased to burn off bras with the Suffragettes, as it’s a literally evil contraption.

The bra-burning remains a level of contention amongst the present day day assortment of males-haters, but the reality that these freedom-fighters went on hunger strike to market their lead to is a recorded reality though they might have just needed to eliminate a bit of weight in purchase to catch a husband.

Lefty troublemaker Emmeline Pankhurst would have obtained her reinforced knickers in a twist over Wimbledon’s antiquated policy of having to pay the men more than the bints. In the All England Club’s defence, they probably had to insure in opposition to a cushion dispute escalating into violence, or a mouse stopping play. This 12 months, the wonderful girls will receive identical restitution to their entirely equal in each and every way male counterparts.

Amelie Mauresmo will be ecstatic with this growth. The reigning women champion seems a excellent shout at 12/one to get her shovel-fingers on the improved wedge. Grass courts usually suit the large hitters, and they really don’t get any larger than the gigantic Frenchman.

In the men’s draw, huge items are expected of rising star Andy Murray. A great run may well lead to the injury-susceptible Sweaty getting promoted to a Brit.

Roger Federer is the guy they all have to beat. The Swiss genius has a backhand so robust Lee Chapman can only search on in envy. The Fed Express is a excellent factor at 4/9.

Organisers expect to market sixty,000 kilos of strawberries and one,500 gallons of cream for the duration of the Wimbledon fortnight, although that figure will collapse if Frank Lampard fails to show. Tim Henman will definitely flip up, but he’ll be lucky to see the second spherical.

The Copa The united states kicks off on Tuesday and it’s a straight two horse war amongst the Brazilians and the Argentineans. The Samba Boys will be with no a tired Kaka and Ronaldinho has also withdrawn following assistance from his dental hygienist. I am acquiring my teeth into the Argies at a delightful 17/10.

Controversy surrounds Wayne Rooney’s involvement in Ricky Hatton’s tremendous-fight towards Jose Luis Castillo. Wayne is a now so nervous about his part, there is a actual chance that he may well drop his belt in Las Vegas. Castillo has looked jaded following his wars with Corrales, the 4/7 for the Hitman is specially striking.

The last of the Under-21 Championships will pit the complete football of the Dutch against the thuggish Serbs. I’ll be on Holland at 11/ten as splendor will always beat the beast in the stop. You ought to really adhere to me in on this a single: I am a top expert in the field of beast-beating.

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