Wayne Rooney has said that he wants to keep playing in the premier League for another ten years. Rooney had played his first match in the Premier League way back in 2002 when he was just 16 years of age. So, the upcoming season would be his 10th consecutive premier League season. In his 10 years long career, Rooney has played for only one club i.e. Manchester United. After Rooney’s debut, Manchester United has won Premier League title for four times and Champions League title once. Rooney played a key role in all those victories.

On being asked about his long tenure at Manchester United, Rooney said that when you play for a single club for so many years, you get attached to that club.  As per Rooney, he has improved himself as a player and as an individual in the last 5 years and Sir Alex Ferguson has to take a lot of credit for that. He is a great manager. When a player goes through a lean patch, he always backs the player and gives him enough confidence. He creates a positive environment in the camp and treats all the players equally.

On being asked would he been able to play for the next 10years, Rooney said it’s all about fitness. As per Rooney, he has seen some players playing high quality football after passing the age of 35. While some players start fading even below 30. So, if you maintain your fitness, you can easily play till the age of 35 or even beyond that. Rooney said that he is only 26 years of age at the moment and he can easily play for the next 10 years.

The English superstar seemed to be delighted with the inclusion of the former Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie in the Manchester United squad.  He said that Persie is a great player and he would make a lot of difference in the upcoming season.

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